Discover the power behind a Business 2 Business Referral Networking Group!

The groups are developed to create meaningful relationships between business owners to drive up business.  Created to drive word of mouth referrals by giving members the opportunity to share leads with each other and refer each other to clients in need of their specific services.

The purpose is to connect entrepreneurs and other professionals with each other in a structured, development-focused setting. Members connect easily in this proactive environment that promotes talking about members’ business-related needs and actively pursuing leads.

The meetings are weekly and follow a schedule that includes elevator pitches, member presentations and networking. Opportunities occur during the members open networking period.

Although most members are small business owners, membership is not strictly limited to entrepreneurs. Many groups include professionals who work in private practices like lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, insurance agents, printers, mobile phone providers, solar service, etc.  A more intensive list is located here.

One of the great features of our groups is that each business catagory is exclusive to that group.  Each group will only have one Realitor, Insurance Agent, Printer, etc.

How to start a group

B2BNG is always looking to help small business grow and we would like to help you start a group in your area.  Their is no cost to start a group however the members do pay a small fee to belong to the group and lock out their competors.  The minuimum to start a group is 6 members.  For more detail on starting a group please complete this small form.

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Business  to Business Networking Group was founded in 2012 by Kyle Brown and has passed several millions of dollars worth of business since then.

We only take one person per professional specialty.
Exclusivity is only available to members who pay yearly. If you want to try the group out you are welcome to attend for just $10 per meeting with the understanding your category could be filled at any time by someone else in your profession.

No Obligation to Refer.

Coming to the meetings doesn’t entitle you to referrals. You have to earn them. It’s up to you to educate and build trust with others. It’s up to you to set up the one-to-ones.

Although the principal purpose of the group is to promote business, there are several other benefits as well.

The association provides its members with business opportunities that may not have otherwise been available. The members have access to:

  • Third-party Introductions.
  • Substantially increased referrals.
  • Business Through Members.
  • Special Attention and Potential Discounts.
  • Network Opportunities with Diversified Businesses.
  • Build an Online Presence with Little Effort.
  • Participation in up to 46 networking meetings per year.
  • Periodic workshops on networking.